Direct Reviews from Seasoned Photographers

  • Appreciating direct reviews from well-meaning photographers
  • Getting real with photography reviews
  • Using the right sort of tools and solutions after direct reviews from seasoned photographers

Getting these photographers direct review sometimes spells the difference between good and bad photography. Admittedly, though, there are reviewers who like to beat around the bush. But that is more of a downside, especially for would-be photographers, because they are not getting what they really need when reading photography reviews.


These photographers direct review brings with it a sort of freshness as far as reviews are concerned. When a photo critic examines a particular gadget as it is, without any notions that would deliberately alter its worth and value, then that is the kind of assessment that photographers need.

Getting phony reviews will usher in negative outputs in the process. So even if you’re not amenable with the way these photographers direct review deliver its message, you to at least appreciate their honesty and authentic voice even in sharing information to readers.

Needless to say, that’s the kind of reviews Sleeklens has, direct assessments of the latest in the photography world, not indirect reviews, assumptions, impressions that doesn’t hold water. For all you know, these photographers direct review are the pieces that would complete your photography puzzle.

So scour these photographers direct review online right now, and be more like these reviewers, who have these no-holds barred take on a particular tool or solution when editing or appreciating a photo image. For more of these direct reviews, just click this link,

It’s good that your getting gift ideas for photography lovers from the experts themselves. In that way, you’ll be able to give quality products for the development of such images, especially on wedding photos, where intricate enhancements are of importance. Getting it from the expert certainly expedites the whole editing process.

There’s nothing like being direct. You’ll be far from any confusion if you have these kinds of reviews in front of you. And for that, you need to treasure these photographers direct review, because that would make your photography more authentic.

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On Why We Need to Read Detailed Workflow Reviews

  • Three things why you need to read workflow reviews
  • Reviews that give you insights on how to save time and resources when editing
  • Emulating good practices from expert photographers

Just what exactly is a detailed workflow review mean for photographers? A lot of, actually.  So we shall examine, though, a few things why reading a detailed workflow review is a necessity even for would-be photographers.


Getting a Glimpse of Other People’s Experience

Experience is the best teacher, so they say. And nowhere has that experience has been highlighted than those who have had some great experiences capturing and enhancing photos in the process. Unless you read a well-meaning review, you won’ t know how other photographers are dealing with editing and using these gadgets as well.

Saves You the Trouble

One of the perks of reading reviews is that you get to know tips on how to shortcut the process without sacrificing quality. These reviews are written by experts in the field and that getting some points out of it enhances your ability to make improvements to your images. It saves you the trouble of doing trial and error when editing.

That All Important (Detailed) Information

Nothing beats an informed photographer. In fact, this is the one factor that your customers keep coming back: they learn a lot of things from you. You are not short-changing them, you’re giving them the necessary information that they need for them to make intelligent choices .

These are the three main factors why you should read a detailed workflow review before tinkering on your photo images. You get to know some tips from photography experts, it saves you time and resources, as well as getting the right information about a particular gadget or process.

So, if you’re a budding photographer, you might want to include reading a detailed workflow review as part of your itinerary from now on.

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Photo enhancements using Lightroom

  • Scenario where Lightroom is needed
  • Price of Light
  • Lightroom as an investment

You found the perfect subject at the perfect time and the perfect angle. You thought you took a perfect show. But when you go back to your work area you realize that although the photo in itself was good, it could still use a little enhancement. Make the colors more vibrant and get a better grip on the lighting. Well, every photographer or photography enthusiast has probably gone through such dilemma and one popular tool to resolve such issue is Adobe’s Lightroom.


Lightroom has been a popular image color enhancer for majority professionals. Although it can be as tricky as Photoshop, Lightroom is packed with the right tools that especially suit the needs of every photographer.

Lightroom tutorials can be found everywhere. There are videos and books available online and in stores to help teach photographers the basics and the detailed processes of editing a photograph using Lightroom.

However, with its large community of users, there are also websites that offer downloadable Lightroom presets. Some of the presets are offered for free or with a very reasonable price. The presets are also customizable so customers can easily use and adjust the tools according to the lighting and effects that suits best with their photograph.

Presets are reusable which allows the photographers to make the most out of their money. There is also no shortage of variations of Lightroom Presets  online as more and more presets are created and sold every day.

Lightroom presets make photo enhancement so much easier and less time consuming. Pictures no longer need to be processed and edited manually as the presents ensure that each photograph come out beautiful. It is one of the most cost-efficient thing that photographers and photography enthusiasts can invest on.

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Into That Next Level with Photoshop Actions

  • Free tools for the development of your photo images
  • Photoshop actions that take your portraits into the next level
  • Photo editing tools that take you back to the heyday of the hippie movement

Photoshop actions are a dime a dozen online. But that doesn’t mean they are of low quality. In fact, the opposite is what makes these Photoshop actions the best tools as far as editing and enhancing goes.



The best free Photoshop actions come in a variety of styles. So diversified that the moment you use it, you present your images with two or more, or even a combination of its effects. It is so hip that even seasoned designers are going for it all the way.

Let us take a quick look, though, at some of the best free photoshop actions that you can incorporate for your photos.

  • Portrait Action – This photoshop action takes your portrait to that next level. You can adjust the color scheme of your portrait in such a way as to create a rather diffuse effect, much like a worn out image, to somehow increase the character of your portrait. One of the best free photoshop actions for those who like to do selfies as well.
  • Action 11 – If you’re fond of doing album covers or posters, then this is the photoshop action to use. It accentuates the texture of your subject, like with a sepia effect, for a more authentic look. Keep in mind that these photoshop actions are free, so you can create as many effects as you want.
  • Peace and Love Action – For the hippie types, this is the photoshop action to use. One of the best free photoshop actions because it brings back the glory days of the flower power movement. The color scheme reminds you of beads, peace signs and love.

For more of the best free photoshop actions for your photos, see more of it on this site.

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Finding Quacopters for Your Hobby

  • A good quadcopter to use for your hobby (photography)
  • Online site that offers quadcopters for personal use
  • Using Parrot Ar drone 2.0 for more diversity in camera angles

Finding the right quadcopter for your hobby is quite tricky. If others are intent of buying a quadcopter purely for business, yours is the kind that merely improves personal photos. So you need a quadcopter that fits your personality.


But the question always would be, “where can I find a good quadcopter for my hobby?” Two words, QuadCopter Guru. This is the site that you need to check out if you go serious about quadcopters, serious enough to be your hobby.

QuadCopter Guru offers Parrot Ar drone 2.0. This drone type fits your hobby perfectly because it is capable of taking 720p of images and videos, plus it has good flying qualities enough for you to capture intimate and unique angles for that equally unique hobby you have.

So stop chasing that question of “where can I find a good quadcopter for my hobby”, because QuadCopter Guru takes you on a journey, and experience even, with the features and tools of a ParrotAr drone 2.0.

With its 36 minutes of flying time (power edition), you will be able to capture all the possible angles up there that would accentuate the character and drama of your photo images. It has a free flight piloting app, remote-controlled, and a GPS flight recorder and a water resistant, so you can be assured of a more improved photography in the process. Not to mention the cool design it has.

I have asked that question before, “where can I find a good quadcopter for my hobby?”, but as soon as I discovered QuadCopter Guru, my photography has never been the same again, and I’m reaping its benefits ever since.

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Why Get An Action Camera

  • Action camera introduction
  • Why do you need one
  • Great resources about action cameras

Action shots that you see today in social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all come from one type of gadget. That gadget is called an action camera. Those underwater videos that your friend posted, it still comes from an action camera. Yep, this gadget is very trendy right now. Most millenials own one. This is simply because these gadgets are pretty useful. Best of all, it is very handy and durable(atleast some that are available in the market are). Another reason why it’s all the rage right now is because of social media. For some reason, people feel the inclination to take photos and videos of their travels and adventures on social media site. Manufacturers realized this and started making their own to compete with GoPro, which is the leading manufacturer of these type of devices.

So, why do you need one? Here’s my case. When you are travelling, you are always on the go right? Nothing is more troublesome than lugging around a huge DSLR to take great quality photos and videos when you can still do it with action cameras. Compared to other devices, action cameras are designed to be rugged and durable and usually water proof as well. Let’s be honest here, underwater videos are quite cool even if you’re doing nothing but just wading around. That’s the main selling point of action cameras really. You get to film pretty cool stuff that none of the other types of cameras can do easily. Lastly, the image quality of some of the best action cameras in the market today is close to DSLR quality which is pretty remarkable.

If you are looking to buy one now, make sure to do your research on which camera you need to buy. You can visit and check out their reviews of the best action cams out in the market today. It will help you make an informed decision.

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Your Ultimate Price List from Infoparrot

  • Getting your money’s worth with Infoparrot’s list of prices for your photography tools
  • Lightroom presets and Adobe Photoshop actions available at
  • Becoming an informed photography buyer using list from

If you want to get your money’s worth when buying tools for your photography, getting a list of these prices is definitely the first thing you need to do. With Infoparrot, of course, you don’t need to worry at all, because you can have this price list in no time, just check out this link,

Infoparrot makes things easier for you. Aside from having a selection of some of the best presets and brushes (Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop) for your photos, you are also given a complete list of the price tags of these sophisticated tools (see more of this list through this link, ,

Needless to say, this list is quite important, on two things. One, it allows you to prepare. There’s nothing like being prepared before you buy it, and not fall into the trap of compulsive buying. Remember, choosing the right tool also means you consider your pocket as well when buying it. And second, going for some not-so expensive tools doesn’t mean you can’t produce quality photos at all, there are a lot of stunning photos that come from what they call cheap cameras.

So it pays to have this list with you before buying that desired photography tool. And what better way to have that list than by getting it with For more of this list, click this link right now,

Many go to Infoparrot for a lot of reasons. But most of these reasons all boil down to the prices of these photography tools. And there’s a list of prices that you can get with Infoparrot, only if you check out this link, ,

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Your Memorable Graduation with Sleeklens

  • Templates you can use for your graduation invitation via Sleeklens
  • An online photography shop that offers templates for invitation cards
  • Sending cool, artsy invitation cards to your friends and loved ones with the help of Sleeklens

You’re about to move on to another level after spending some years in school, so it goes without saying that your graduation should be special. And you are planning to give some invitations to your friends and loved ones for that special event.

If you haven’t tried Sleeklens before, you might want to try it now. Sleeklens is not just your friendly photography store online, they also offer a lot of different things, like invitation cards for your graduation. And that Sleeklens Graduation templates for graduation cards are some of the best you can get online.

Yes, Sleeklens is more than just photography shop on the web, they also offer other templates as well, such as cards and invitations to somehow complete the experience. Imagine if you can have these superb pictures enhanced by Sleeklens, coupled with some cool, artsy invitation cards, then you will have an event worth remembering.

Visit their site now and get these Sleeklens Graduation templates for your invitation cards. Don’t just settle with verbally telling them that they are invited, send these cards in, and the effect will take care of itself.

That’s how awesome these Sleeklens Graduation templates can do with your invitation, and they also come in a variety of designs to choose from, perfect for the kind of motif you want to project with your invitation.

Sleeklens offers the complete package. You want to look good in your graduation, so why not start with these Sleeklens Graduation templates for your invitation? Download these templates now through their website and start experimenting with its features for a more colorful and memorable graduation in the process.

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The Best Drones In The Market Today

  • What are drones
  • The best drones in the market
  • Where can I find good reviews about drones

Unmanned aerial vehicles, otherwise known as drones have seen a surge in production over the past few years. This is because the technology has been made available to the public instead of being exclusive for military use only. These drones are autonomous aerial vehicles that can be operated without a pilot on board. So, you can imagine the various uses which can be applied to drones. This is why there is a surge of demand for drones today. It is being used for several different purposes, be it commercial or military use.

That being said, if you are looking for one, here’s a list of the best drones. I got this from cameradojo. I like this top 10 by cameradojo of the best drones because it was evaluated objectively. Here’s the list.

  • DJI Phantom 3 Advanced – This camera drone is one of the best available camera drones today. Due to the various features, its performance is cream of the crop. Only drawback is it can’t shoot at 4K resolution. It is affordable too!
  • Parrot BeBop 2 – It is not the perfect high class drone but it serves its purpose well. The upside for this camera drone is that it comes cheap which is really perfect for drone begiiners. Call it your entry level drone.
  • DJI Phantom Inspire 1 – You will get what you paid for with this drone because it has a lot of upsides. If price is not a problem for you, then this camera drone is for you.
  • Blade Chroma 4K – It is a very versatile drone both suited for beginners and professionals. It has a wide variety of smart features which you seldom see from other drones.

You won’t be able to determine the best drones in the market today if you don’t have the habit of reading reviews online. Otherwise, you’re somehow lost in that maze of the best photography gadgets around. Like buying supplements perhaps, unless you have these iherb codes with you, the chances of you getting the right supplement are so slim.

These are the top 4 drones out in the market today according to Cameradojo. If you want to check out other drones, you can visit their site. Again, I like this top 10 by cameradojo of the best drones because it is very informative and should be able to help you make a decision on which drone to get.

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Covering the Filberg Festival

For the past two years the Comox Valley Camera Club has supported the Filberg Festival by providing volunteers to take photographs throughout the four day event.  Club photographers capture spectators enjoying the Festival, vendors showcasing their items for sale, other volunteers, sponsors and performers.  Images are used by the Festival Coordinator to promote the next years Festival, to demonstrate to sponsors that their banners and products are visible at the Festival and to show the tremendous work that all of the volunteers carry out.  Since the Filberg Festival is the primary method of raising funds to maintain the Filberg Lodge and grounds, the Comox Valley Camera Club is very pleased to be able to contribute to the continuation of this jewel in our Valley.




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